Church small groups (DMC's)

“It is my hope that every member of HT Hounslow is a regular member of a DMC – they are fantastic and I don’t want anyone to miss out!”
Stu Wright - Vicar HT Hounslow

What is a DMC?


DMC stands for Disciple Making Community.
A DMC is a place to make friends, have fun and discover what God’s plan is for your life.
A DMC is a group of people on a journey discovering what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ together.
A DMC consists of about 10-25 people who meet up every fortnight either in homes or another venue.
Each DMC has a small leadership team that run the DMC.
DMCs are not one programme amongst many that the church supports; they are the heart of the church.

How can I join a DMC?

You can join a DMC in a number of ways. All DMCs are open and would welcome you coming and trying one out. Make sure you pick up a term guide which will give you details of the different DMC leaders and where they meet.

Often those who have completed an Alpha Course will join a DMC and as a DMC member you can invite your friends, family and neighbours along.

What happens on a typical DMC night?


Not every DMC will run exactly as below, but this is a rough guide:

7:30pm Food
8:00 Welcome/Notices/Feedback
8:10 Worship
8:30 Talk and Discussion
9:00 Small Groups and Prayer
9:30 Home Time

Tony & Rosie

When - Wednesday 7.30-9.30pm

Where - Whitton

Email -

Mike & Deena with Eileen & Steve

When - Friday 7.30-9.30pm

Where - Breakout Room @HT Hounslow

Email -

Olly, Joy & Andy

When - Friday 8-10pm

Where - Isleworth

Email -


When - Wednesday 2-4pm

Where - Parish Room @HT Hounslow

Email -

me and james.jpg

James & Naomi

When - Thursday 7.30-9.30pm

Where - Hounslow

Email -

Francis and Irene.jpg

Anandan & Silke with Raja Sekhar & Florence

When - Every 3rd Saturday of the month, 12.30-2.30pm

Where - Hounslow East

Email - or

Francis & Irene

When - Tuesday, 7.30-9.30pm

Where - osterley

Email -