The church of Holy Trinity Hounslow has been worshipping God and serving the community for more than eight centuries.

The church was established in 1211 by French Trinitarian Friars with the vision to set captives free. Their mission base was built on the old Roman road leading out of London and to this day has been a prominent beacon for locals and travellers alike.

In 1963 the church moved into a new building which led to a new and exciting period in the church’s historic and faithful journey with Christ.

During the 1970′s Holy Trinity went through a renewal period and many were being baptised in the Holy Spirit. Then in 2011, the church of St Paul’s Hounslow Heath merged with Holy Trinity Hounslow which today serves as one body – a vibrant multi-ethnic, multi-national Anglican Church, serving and loving the community and nations in the name of Jesus.

Today we are known as HT Hounslow and remain at the heart of the community, continuing the work that started so many centuries ago.