Our Values


Worship is love for God. We were made to worship God and enjoy Him all through our lives. Worship is therefore about intimacy with God – both when we meet together and also throughout the week. Worship involves all aspects of our lives dedicated to serving God. Worship is sacrifice – a sacrifice of praise, of possessions and of our person (our very selves).

When we meet together we sing with our mouths and with our hearts to God. We believe that the Holy Spirit is powerfully present in the praises of His people. We believe in the presence of God and seek to dwell with God together as a church. In this place we expect God to do miracles – touching lives and healing us spiritually and in other ways.


Fellowship is the out working of our love for each other. Fellowship is all about friendship – real Christian friendship. People will join church for many reasons but they will stay for only one – friendship. Fellowship means meeting together regularly, not just on Sundays. It means sharing life together, helping each other, listening to each other, encouraging each other, being accountable to each other, operating in the gifts of the Spirit and having fun together! This is best achieved through mid week groups. Fellowship is the heart of the church. It is where we do ‘church’ – i.e. being together in Jesus’ name.


Jesus taught us to make disciples. We are a church that is passionate about making disciples who make disciples. Discipleship is a life of following, obeying and enjoying Jesus as our leader. It is intimately linked to Worship and Fellowship which enables a life of obedience to God with great joy. Discipleship needs accountability and great support. That is why being in a group with other disciples is so important. Discipleship is a journey where we are all learning to follow Jesus more faithfully and we encourage and support each other along the way. Discipleship means not only being discipled by someone, it also involves discipling others. At HT we train and support each other to be disciples who make disciples.


Prayer is the engine of the church. Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and in prayer we listen to Him and bring our lives before Him for His love, help and direction. We meet together to pray corporately and we also pray personally for each other in Prayer Ministry. In Prayer Ministry we co-operate with the Holy Spirit in ministering the healing power of Jesus Christ. We believe in the importance of prayer walking the area and praying for people on the streets.

Cross-Cultural Celebration

We are a very international church with many languages, cultures and backgrounds present. We seek to celebrate this fact and want to bless and support mission in a cross-cultural context by members of HT and also those in the wider Christian community who parter with us. To make disciples of all nations we intentionally listen to and learn from other cultures and seek new ways to share the good news of Jesus in culturally appropriate ways.

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